10 key reasons

We have been plying the nautical industry for more than 20 years.
These are some of the reasons why we are unique in the industry worldwide:

1. Patented multi-channel dual-band technology

What does dual band mean?
Yacht Controller uses two different frequency bands to communicate with the vessel. This ensures a stable and reliable connection, even in environments with electromagnetic interference, such as marinas or areas with heavy maritime traffic.
Most yacht remote control systems only use one frequency band, making them more susceptible to interference and connection failures.

What does multichannel mean?
Yacht Controller allows simultaneous control of more than 5 different boat functions with a single remote control. Imitating Yacht Controller remote control systems only allow control of 2 (possibly 3) functions at a time but in a single frequency band, thus greatly limiting manoeuvrability, efficiency and safety.

2. Guaranteed security

The system is only activated from the yacht’s main station, preventing accidental starts or unauthorised tampering.
Once activated, the remote control takes full control, guaranteeing an immediate and precise response to manoeuvres.
Yacht Controller meets the strict safety requirements set by yacht manufacturers, ensuring perfect integration and compatibility with the yacht’s electrical system.

3. Compatibility with all electronic controls on the market

Testing conducted in third party laboratories for marine industry certifications and standards compliance.
Yacht Controller emulators are limited to a few makes and models.


More than 28.000 units installed worldwide

4. Three ergonomic transmitter controls

3 ergonomics designed to adapt to the preferences and needs of each type of user.

5. 64-bit technology

64-bit quad-core processor with computing power that allows the system to perform the thousands of calculations required for the manoeuvre in real time – unlike most competitors using 8-bit technology.

6. User programmable speed control

Yacht Controller provides proportional and/or incremental speed control with multiple settings that are easy to change by the same user.
Some copycat brands also offer this function but with a single permanent setting. Configuration changes require a technician to revisit your boat or send the system to your facility.

7. Global remote global management system for real-time customer service

The only remote system with real-time global management capability for customer service, parameter setting changes, frequency communication upgrades, software updates, etc.

8. Transceiver antenna with built-in microprocessor and can-bus communication protocol


It allows up to 650 miles of open range and over 100 channel combinations.
The Yacht Controller transceiver antenna uses state-of-the-art technology to provide secure and reliable communication over long distances.

9.Integrated spectrum analyser to detect and prevent interferences

We are the only ones to offer this feature which allows real-time observation of RF activity in the yacht’s environment. This is crucial to identify potential interference, noise sources and signal problems.

10. Worldwide network of distributors, installers and technicians

Yacht Controller is present on all 5 continents, offering its products, assistance and support at all times.